Augie’s Coffee Roasters: The Spot

Another day, another blog post. This is the life. I am back in the Headquarters. It is a warm day today in my city–88 degrees Fahrenheit at this moment. The people are out and about, bus stops are crowded, and the people bask in the sun as they wait for the sbX.

It is a beautiful day here in San Bernardino, California, and I’ve been drinking coffee all day, so I am hyped. I really enjoy a good cup of coffee, and I am very fortunate to live near an Augie’s Coffee Roasters, well, not so near.

Augie’s is in Redlands and I live in San B, that’s about a 20 minute drive. Yeah, the coffee is pretty tasty.

Oh, you’ve never heard of Augie’s? –that’s unfortunate, you’re missing out on some good brew.

Let me tell you a little about Augie’s, and why I am so fond of it. First off, the environment is very mellow. The workers there are attentive, courteous, and very nice. Secondly, I like that you have the option to order the coffee in a mug, if you prefer to drink it there. The mug only cost two dollars, AND you have the option to get a free refill, which I almost always certainly do. That is a dollar a mug, it’s hard to compete with that type of quality and price. I’ve been going there almost on the daily. Thirdly, I like to hangout in the alley on the side and watch the water drops drip from the air conditioner. The alley is chill.

I used to be a devoted Starbucks coffee drinker for a long time, and I still think fondly of Starbucks coffee–there is a venti iced coffee by my side as I type. But when it comes to freshness, Augie’s is king. Augie’s coffee is on a different level–higher up.

The coffee has a delicately bitter taste, it is delicious–I am salivating.

Augie’s is located in a distinct looking little red building on Fifth St. and Redlands Blvd., in Redlands, California, and if you are the type that truly enjoys a delicious cup of coffee, then Augie’s would be a good place to visit, if you are in the vicinity. I might see you there. I’ll be around reading a philosophy book most likely, or sitting on a bench daydreaming.

–changing the topic, please excuse me.

Yesterday, my brother-from-another-mother gave me some constructive criticism, which I am much obliged for.

He said that my post lacked in descriptive details–in other words, my writing was a little dull (I took it like a man). But, I see, he does have a point. The greatest writers are gifted with the power of structuring words, sentences, paragraphs, subjects and predicates, in such a way as to produce a vivid conception in the mind of the reader. I’ll get there.

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