Short Thoughts on a Tuesday

I don’t know what to make of this life of mine sometimes, it has been quite a mess, but I digress. Is it me, or do you also, sometimes feel like a stranger to yourself? Like, life has ceased to make sense.

I was thinking, and I’ve been blessed. Blessed with the time to just think and think and think. I’ve probably thought so much I’ve given rise to an indefinite amount of universes in my mind, all which centered of course, around me. But I am not the center of the universe, and neither is any other person. We all exists together, as the human race; we tend to forget that.

Times are changing fast, and history is doomed to repeat itself, or at least, past trends are doomed to repeat themselves.

I just read an article in the Times that talked about the rise of neo-fascism in Slovakia. Is this the norm in the world now? I think that racists, and other hate groups, are feeling enlivened by the recent turn of events which have taken place in the USA. Things are fragile in this time. I think it a good idea to practice looking at ourselves as humans, and start from there.

–on another note. A thought about money came to mind, something I lack.–haha.

When I think about money, I worry sometimes. It is a little scary how central it is to our prosperity, and how time consuming it can be to produce it. I’ve heard the saying that “money is time,” and that’s kinda funny, because time is time, don’t we forget that. Money is material which we assign value to as a collective of minds. So, what is of value is the thought that money is valuable: the belief that it is valuable–which we are constantly reminded of, since we are after all, we are a capitalist nation.

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