Words Matter: Idleness


Words really matter, and they affect us more than we think.

I was in the midst of writing this blog, and I began to think of my current state, I became introspective, and for a lack of a better word concluded that I was bored, which made me feel bored.

I looked into the idea of boredom.

There have been many that have written about the philosophical concept of boredom: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Heidegger–to name a few.

So, boredom is not not normal.

As I searched the vast connection of networks which we call the internet, I came across a pdf, titled: THE ROTATION OF CROPS, A Venture in a Theory of Social Prudence, by Soren Kierkegaard. In it Kierkegaard touches on the idea of boredom, so I began to read.

In this essay, one of Kierkegaard’s claims is that “boredom was the root of all evil,” and in my opinion, I don’t think boredom is the root of all evil. It is not necessarily a good state to exist in, and it may be the root of some evil, but not all.

In my opinion, boredom is a necessary part of the human condition which helps stimulate creativity. And since life is oscillatory in nature, it provides us with peaks of boredom, but along with these peaks, valleys. Valleys of boredom are good.

It may also be, that boredom ensues from the lack of meaning in life. The less meaning one can find in life, the more bored one may become–come to think about it again, I may be bored–haha.

Now, going back to the essay, and why words matter.

As I continued to read the essay, I came across the word “idleness”, which was a word that I don’t typically use in my vocabulary, and which is a word that better describes my current state of existence. I’ve been existing in a state of idleness–or so it feels that way.

In retrospect, after I read some of Kierkegaard, I noticed how my perspective changed. I realized that since I thought of myself as being bored and convinced myself of being bored, I became bored, felt bored. But, by seeking knowledge I found out that bored didn’t quite describe my current state: idleness was the correct word to describe my state. I lacked the immediate knowledge of a better word to describe myself at the moment–which affected how I thought of myself.

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