As the Clothes Wash #2

As the clothes wash, and I sit here, in the garage of my bro’s home, typing away, an airplane flies overhead.

–Oh, here comes Bay Bay. Bay Bay is the next door neighbors doggy. He is a small little fella, very adorable. But, after I saw him eat the dried cat poop the other day, I’ve not been able to look at him the same way.

I look up; the sky is filled with clouds. It is Thursday, the sun is out, the birds are singing, and the temperature is pleasant, 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dogs across the street begin to bark at little Bay Bay, and he growls: he is spunky. Bay Bay leaves.

I was thinking about the drive here from the DMV and what I heard on the radio. I was listening to NPR (91.9 FM if you’re from the area), and there was a segment on the radio station which was discussing modern friendships in the USA. People would call to share their experiences with friendship in modern USA.

It was funny–I thought. One of the caller brought up an interesting observation, which I’ve kinda noticed too. The caller felt as if the days of randomly showing up to visit friends were coming to an end, or nearly over. Now, how many of us have those friend’s which we can randomly visit anytime and be welcomed with open arms? Not many, I suppose. And lucky are those that do. When I get my own home, friends will always be welcomed, that’s for sure.

NPR is awesome.

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