A Love Letter to No One in Particular

It’s been a long day, and I have not slept. I feel it in my eyes, and they are beginning to redden. They feel pretty dry, and since I am unable to sleep, why not blog?

I was looking through some articles in The Times, and I ran across one titled, “The Love Letters of Manly Men.”I began to read it, and hadn’t finished it yet when a thought came to mind: “If I were to write a love letter, what would I say?” I don’t consider myself a “manly man,” and to be frank, I don’t pretend to be one. I like being the sensitive soul that I am; there is no shame in my game. I can be quite a sentimental man, when it comes to love.

So, here is my attempt at a love letter–to my future love. I imagine that that any women which inspires a man to write a love letter must be some type of special, and my beloved will be no different. And so, I begin–I’ll keep it short.

“The gaze which beholds me when you look at me stirs my soul, makes it quiver, makes my heart swell to the point of almost bursting, palpitations skip, and takes me to the greatest heights, beyond the sky. Your kisses are sweeter than the syrup of a maple trees. Your lips are full, and a kiss is all I need to feel invincible. When I hold you in my arms, you make me feel sublime. The scent which your being radiates, maddens me, and turns me into a raving romantic. The smile which you shine in my direction melts away my anxieties, and all tensions vanish. You are the love supreme, and for your love there is nothing I wouldn’t do. Like van Gogh, I would cut off my ear for you–if you asked me to, because for your love, there is nothing I wouldn’t do.

To be by your side is most divine.”

Yes, indeed, my future beloved will be special.

If you like my hypothetical love letter and would like to use it to give to your loved one, please feel free to use it. But, it’s recommended that you produce an original of your own, just sayin’.

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