Nothing Significant: Just Typing

I sit here typing, and to be frank, I have no clue what I will be writing about for this post: I just want to type, practice. I’ll let my thoughts be my guide, and there is no telling where they may lead. I’ll keep it short.

The sounds from without penetrate through the walls and the windows. I hear sirens; I hear cars drive by; I hear the screams of a person, but nothing serious I might add; the yelling of a man, and he sounded angry; the sounds of loud engines, but I hear no crickets. I like crickets and how they symbolize good luck. Some good luck would be welcomed right now. I am in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was thinking of going to the a casino earlier which is not too far from my sister’s place, actually it’s just down the street. I saw a sign outside as I drove by: “$1.00 black jack every day!” I like to play black jack; it is the only game I play when I go to the casino–which is rarely. I’ve learned my lesson early on, but one dollar black jack is not too shabby–that’s how they get you.

It is so quiet right now. When I stop typing, if I listen carefully enough, I can hear my hairs grow–as long as no cars are passing by, and the fridge is not humming.

I wait for my younger brother to return. He is out playing music at some gig with his group. He should be back soon–I expect. It would suck for me to go to sleep only to have my dream interrupted.

Now, talking about dreams. I had a dream last night. It was a peculiar dream, and I don’t understand how the heck it came about, and I wont get into the details, let’s just say it contained mature content–don’t let your mind run wild. I won’t get too personal, but the reason I say that the dream was peculiar is because I cannot understand why my consciousness unconsciously decided to dream this person. The human mind, a thing of infinite mystery! I am no Jungian, so I wont bother. It was just a dream and that’s all.

Moving on.

I think I am going to search the web some more while I wait for my bro; let’s see what I come across.

Until next time fellow reader.

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