Samsung Post: The Silver Nugget  

This post is being brought to you by A Consciousness’ smart phone.

I am at the Silver Nugget in Las Vegas. How did I end up here? Simple: my brother coerced me–not really. There is a music concert taking place right now; Mexican music is being played. The group on stage is called “Calibre 50”–I think. My brother is into that.

I wait in the casino. I play some black jack, and enjoy some cold ones.

As I sit here, in the bar area, two Mexican men talk smack to each other–all in good fun.  I am guessing they know each other, or are acquainted in some way.

Individual 1: “Porque no estas en el Jaripeo?”

Individual 2: ” No me gusta.”

Individual 1: “Pues tienes la cara de chunti, por eso te pregunto.”

I love it.

I began with $20, now I have $35–big money. I walked away from the table while I was up. I rather drink some beer at the bar, and mingle with the locals. I’ve had three Modelos already–technically free. I’d like to mention the black jack dealer, Tiruye, from Ethiopia, she was very pretty. I liked her.

I had wanted to do the third installment of the “a Kierkegaardian essay,” but my brother really wanted to come, plus, I think it’s best left for another day.

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