How to Reblog And How Does It Help Bloggers To Gain Audience ? (WordPress edition)

Road To The Riches


The power of Reblog is enough to get you a decent traffic. Especially for new bloggers who have some great content but nobody to read it. That’s where reblog can prove “an umbrella in a heavy rain”. When I was new at WordPress, I had to work a lot to gain followers. Then i heard about reblogging but never found any icon or something on WordPress. I mean it was there, but it is nowhere in ‘ Account settings’ or ‘notification settings’, then I wrote on WordPress forums  and got to know all about reblogging.

So here is all about reblogging:

‘Reblog Icon’

Many blogs, including this one, have their posts set to scroll so that the reader can access several articles without having to click through to the next.
To reblog articles on scrolling pages, click the title of the article to bring it up on a page of…

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