The Lonely Cloud

A lonely cloud flowed through the sky.

It floated peacefully through the air, but it was lonely. It was the only cloud in the sky, and from above the mountains, it looked down upon the the Earth. It looked down upon the land, searching for places to cry over.

The cloud continued to float and let time take it adrift. The land below desperately needed it to cry, but it was tired of crying. It no longer wanted to be sad and lonely.  It yearned for another cloud to accompany it on its journey.

It floated and floated with no particular destination. It just drifted, up above in the clear blue sky, and time flew by.

One day, the lonely cloud met another cloud which had also been lonely. Both yearned for companionship, and they floated peacefully together, side by side. Both clouds were happy now. They both cried of joy, instead of sadness. Together the clouds traversed the seven seas, traversed the sky.

They grew and grew in size with each passing moment and overfilled with happiness. The time would come when they would become one, and flood the Earth.

Meanwhile, Noah built his Ark.

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