If You Are Feeling Lonely

There is a quote that I like, it is by one of my favorite philosophers, and it goes like this:

“If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

I like to remind myself of this quote on those days which I am in bad company with myself. It reminds me to become more aware of my thoughts. It reminds me to come back to the present, and to not get carried away by the negativity which may sometimes creep inside our heads.

As of late I’ve been spending more and more time alone. I used to almost never feel lonely, but sometimes the feeling creeps up on me; therefore, it is important that we make ourselves aware of our feeling of loneliness, embrace that we are feeling lonely and actively attempt to get past the feeling because it may carry us away into despair.

I think that we feel lonely sometimes because our thoughts get carried away and we begin to think about the past. We begin to think about the things that we could have done differently. We begin to regret past choices; we begin to dwell on things that cannot be altered, instead of coming to peace with them and letting them go so that we may move forward. We feel lonely when we begin to beat ourselves up about the past, and no one is there to console us, or tell us that “everything is alright and that we will be fine.” We feel lonely when we begin to feel like no one understands us, and that is true, no one will completely understand you, ever. It’s okay.

So, if you are feeling lonely then let me tell you this: “everything is alright, and you will be fine,” believe that. The feeling of loneliness is ephemeral, it’s just a feeling and feelings are fleeting.

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