There Are No Victors in War

Be grateful that you are not living in a war-torn nation. Be grateful that your family is not being annihilated by chemical weapons. Be grateful that you are alive and well and that your loved ones are safe from war.

I become tremendously disillusioned when I become aware of what is going on in some parts of the world, and only then do I understand, to some degree, why some turn their backs on the atrocities which are taking place in other parts, in distant lands, yet in the same world, and why, when they do become aware of the innocents which are dying and suffering, put those thoughts in the back of their heads, leaving them there accepting them indifferently as a part of life, and go on living, while others go on dying. The truth is too hard to bear sometimes, and we may feel like there is nothing we can do help improve the situation. Talking about it helps, thought it may not improve, it helps bring awareness.  Not being aware does no one any good in the long run. We must face it, contemplate it, think about it, until the day comes when we may have a greater impact on the world.

It is our duty as human beings to be informed of the atrocities which are being committed against our kind, and spread the word when possible, with the intent that those in a position to make a difference will listen, and bring justice upon the world. Whether we want to or not, we must become aware of the atrocities being committed in distant parts of the world because that could be us in their position, and wouldn’t we want to world to know and help bring justice if that was us?

We are the human race, and until the day comes when that is all that truly defines us, we may never find piece on this world.

Now, imagine for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of the victims suffering in distant lands where war is not mere fiction but an actual fact. Imagine what it must feel like to see your loved ones perish before your eyes, while you watch in despair, holding in your hand their head full of hair, blood dripping, body convulsing, and there is nothing you can do about it, not even bring them comfort as consciousness vanishes from within them. Imagine holding your child as he heaves, struggling for his life, breathing his last breaths, before he becomes nothing more than a motionless vessel which resembles what he used to be, and soon all he will be will be a memory in your mind, which will fade with time, yet time will never come to heal the wound which was left behind of a love lost that once was. Imagine the pain that must be felt knowing that the world is watching and the tormentor will continue to live to torment another day while you go on existing with a despair so great that you no longer wish to live. Imagine the immense despair that must be felt, as tears drip from your eyes, heart torn apart, as you watch your loved ones, and people you care about, bodies splattered on the ground, lay there motionless, their lives extinguished, and you realize that justice may never come to bear. Imagine.



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