Cho Cho Should Have Listened

Cho Cho is going to get hit, that’s what daddy said. He is being a little brute, not listening to authority, breaking the rules, running around the apartment complex, chasing his companion, throwing his toys at him. Cho Cho is only 6 years old, hyper as heck.

“Cho Cho, I am going to hit you,” said daddy.

Cho Cho giggles showing complete disregard as he continues to chase his friend.

“Cho Cho, I am going to fucking hit you.”

Still, Cho Cho refuses to listen continuing to chase his friend.

Here comes daddy Cho Cho, watch out. Now Cho Cho is the one being chased, he begins to cry, but to no avail, that ass whoopin’ has been long overdue Cho Cho. He attempts to escape his fathers wrath, forgetting that he lives under the same roof, he runs towards the opposite side of the apartment complex, but father catches him. By the ear Cho Cho is taken inside. Cho Cho should have listened.

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