Short Poem: Riding the Time Curve; Hell on Earth

Riding the time curve to my grave

I sit before this laptop and read most days

what’s the point?

I say

All is second hand display

or third, or fourth, etc.

and so forth

What’s real and what’s fake?

I fill my head up in dismay

War, famine, disease, and treatise

that bring no relief

to the innocent only grief

blast, explosions, toxic abortions,

inhale chemicals

convulse and die

Camera phones record the panic

very satanic

people frantic

how fantastic war can be

don’t you agree?

on the road to hell we are fast traveling

deliver me to it’s serenity

it has to be better than this

peace is dead

in parts far from the west

and soon we’ll be dead too

but courageous souls

roam and go

with a higher purpose help resolve

and abate the suffering of the dying

selflessly giving their lives away

say a prayer to your God

maybe he is tired

of watching his creations

kill each other.




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