A Few Thoughts on Since Trump Became President; Politicians, and Politics.

Since Trump became president of the United States of America–the world’s superpower, “the greatest nation on Earth,” the nation of the American Dream, where ” ‘life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement’ regardless of social class or circumstances of birth”, the nation where equality for all is an ideal value–I’ve noticed some changes which have taken place around me.

Since Trump became president, I’ve noticed an increase in skeptical sentiments towards politics (these are very troubling and confusing times indeed). People around me appear to have become more inclined to believe what they want to believe (I suppose things have always been this way but more apparent to me now), more inclined to disregard truth and facts, and are more eagerly willing to accept falsities which appeal to their biases. The Commander in Chief, and any right wing source of media which supports their skewed perspectives, is their source of truth. They gather behind, with unflinching support and promulgate false ideals, not fully conscious of the harm they are helping bestow upon the world.


Since Trump became president, the deep divide which has always existed, between American people, has become more apparent. It has also become more apparent that the government which was established by the people for the people is slowly turning into a government established by the people for the wealthy and corporations with big bank accounts, tremendous influence over the economy, capable of buying politicians. Many politician seem to come to office with price tags attached, and when bought, or influenced by big corporate donations, pass legislation, with some sort of pretense(for example, bettering the economy and producing more jobs, which may have some truth), thereby reassuring the corporate world that they come first. By doing this they put the interest of the few above the interest of the many. Politicians are good at masquerading their decisions with a cloak of truth.


That politicians lie is a known fact. They lie for many reasons: for the sake of national security, private interests, personal interest, impending impeachment, an aversion to truth, low moral standards, false beliefs, lack of evidence, approval ratings, or simply to misguide their constituents. Politicians can be very cryptic, they must be, for politics is a game where the stakes are high, and enemies never take a break, always looking to gain the upper hand, constantly working to undermine.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Mobile, AlabamaDonald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Mobile, Alabama

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