As the Clothes Wash #4

I find myself again, at Wild Wash Laundromat in Las Vegas. It is fairly empty today, which I find pleasant. It is fresh in here; this is definitely one of the nicest laundromats I’ve been to. I give it a nine out of ten. I sit on one of the blue park benches they have here. Besides me there are a couple of message chairs–the ones you insert a dollar into for several minutes of pleasure. One is in use, the person on it seems to be enjoying it. The machine massages his head and it shakes, I imagine him imagining he is motor boating a big breasted woman–I might try it, nah, too broke.

The clothes in the washers have finished washing. Five dollars, two double loads, that’s enough to wash all my clothing artifacts. I don’t own much of anything. I consider myself a minimalist.

I walk over, take the clothes out–they feel a little sticky, must be the cheap detergent. I throw the clothes in one of the four wheeled laundromat carts and walk towards the dryers. One cool thing that I like about this laundromat is that the dryers are “free,” or should I say, they provide you with sixteen minutes of dry time–two quarters for each double load. It usually takes three quarters per double load for a nice dry though–not bad.

While the clothes dry I walk outside to smoke a cigarette. It’s a little windy in Vegas today. I search for a nice shady area and find one under some trees around the corner. The wind breezes by, the tress rattle, seeds land on my head. This moment is nice and peaceful. The cigarette runs out–that was fast.

Eight minutes remain on the dryers. I should make my way back….

Back in the laundromat I go to the same spot I was sitting at. I wish each visit was like this.

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