What is Love? And What is Unconditional love?

What is love? That is a question which occasionally pops-up in my consciousness. To be honest, I am not quite sure whether a satisfactory answer to that question may ever be given. We each love our own way, and some love more than others–this I cannot deny.

Love is always disproportionate in a relationship, and it is in constant fluctuation. Come to think about it, this may be why most relationships, over time, falter. A common scenario that is often observed is the following: one in the relationship may love more than the other, and eventually, if the proper maintenance is neglected in the relationship, in order to balance out the scale, the scale topples over, and the weights scatter on the floor, love turns into something else, and the scale no longer able to withstand the burden carried breaks–because after all, despite what anyone says, I think love is a burden for the lovers; the deeper the love, the heavier the burden. But love is a burden which we are nevertheless glad to carry, since we are more than willing to carry the weight when in love–which feels no heavier than a feather in the moment–but we fail to acknowledge that the load we carry may crush us, if it were not for our lover helping us carry it, and us theirs. Now, what do I mean by burden? I simply mean that it is a heavy load to carry, and that’s why strength is necessary in order to love.

But why should love be a burden? It shouldn’t be, if the love is true. Love should make us feel lighter. Love should make us feel as if we can walk on a cloud. Love should fill us up with joy and vitality. Love should be like a majestic work of art which is perpetually being modified and made greater. I agree with this (after all, I typed it).

But, I think that sometimes when we speak of love, we may be thinking of another type of love; I think we may be thinking of unconditional love.

Only if we all knew how to love unconditionally, now wouldn’t the world be a better place? Unconditional love is where it’s at. But what exactly is unconditional love? According to me, and I do not know who else, it is a love that has no bounds. A love that doesn’t quiver under stress, change of circumstances, and is the utmost. A love that is the highest form of love, and stays constant. A love that is true love. A love that is equal no matter whether one is the lover loving the beloved, or the beloved loving the lover. In this case, both love equally. How do we learn to love unconditionally? That is a harder question, and I am not quite sure yet.

Loving is not easy.

Loving does feel good though–better than any drug, it is the best drug. But love hurts sometimes, and it hurts a lot. And, if time is doing its job–as it always does–the pain dulls, and the hurt eventually turns into a distant memory; thus, allowing us to endeavor to love once more.

What is love?


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