What is Growth?

What is growth? What does it mean when we say we are growing in life?

When I write this post, I speak for myself, of course. I don’t know if any others share my opinions and thoughts, and to be frank, it doesn’t matter.

As the minutes pass and I decay, soon to be dead–and when I mean soon I am speaking of whatever an average human life span is: that is soon to me. One hundred, fifty, eighty years, etc., is nothing. It is as much time as a blink of an eye.

I am beginning to believe more and more the credo that say, “we are the only ones keeping us from living our lives fully.” Of course, I won’t deny, the world around us has a certain degree of power over us, but we are the ones that develop our perceptions in accordance with what we know, or think we know, and we dictate our actions. After a certain point in time we must accept fully that we are the only ones solely responsible for our actions. It truly is a complicated thing how we exist–everything!

Now, at this moment, I would like to thank philosophy for all the help it has provided a person like myself. It has helped me immensely to cope with the cards I’ve been dealt in this life–but can it save me? I believe that it can.

Sometimes I see others similar to me and I feel for them because fortune has been much harsher on them than it has been to me.

Only if they knew what I have spent countless hours trying to learn instead of giving up, given in to hopelessness, letting the world dictate who they are to become, or acting foolishly, incapable of perceiving their future existences. But who knows? Fortune is fortune, and one has little say in what she will bring about: we can only focus on trying to know ourselves, for the most part, and then world which we exist in–as much as we are capable of. (So many factor to consider. This world is surely complex.)

I have accepted that I am fine, no matter what happens which is beyond me. I have nothing to complain about honestly, though sometimes I do, just to try to be somewhat comical. I don’t take life too seriously, I confess. All is fine in the universe, and my existence is just a very small part of the whole. I would like to have a greater influence someday, since I have so little influence now, but I am confident, and I believe that if we can learn to be who we truly are, and know ourselves, do good, and work on being virtuous, then we can accomplish almost anything, and we can become who are meant to be in this one and only life. (I am learning to accept this more and more as the time passes.)

Now, back to growth. I think what is meant when we say, “I am growing,” at least for me, is that we are learning how to better cope and endure the trails and tribulations of life. We are learning to not let what happens in life knock us off our feet. We are learning to accept that life comes with lows and that these lows are only temporary–they never last for a significant amount of time–therefore we should learn bare them gracefully. The lows are only opportunities for growth on the path to obtaining wisdom–though they may not appear to be at the moment.

–Question: how many great lives have been lived and forgotten? Many. We too shall be forgotten someday; think of that.


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