If Happiness is Not There, Leave–You Will Be Good.

Many of us spend countless hours of our lives, hours that we will never get back, working jobs which bring us more dread than joy. We keep slaving away, thinking we have no choice but to keep working at our dead-end-jobs, because after all, they pay our bills, fearing to take a leap into the unknown and follow our intuitions. And though the bills are being paid, we are paying a greater price when it come to our well being. What is holding us back? Is it fear of not knowing what lies ahead. Fear of the mockery we will receive from others, others that don’t believe in us, and are waiting for us to fail, if the risk we took in leaping into the unknown turns out not working for us? The mockery should not matter, what matters only is how you interpret your situation, because you know where you are heading, and the road which you must travel is the road less traveled. You know that no matter what happens in life, you will be fine. You turn failure into a learning experience and plow ahead. Remember: All is temporary, nothing last forever. What is it that is holding us back? Where there is a will, there is a way; you have to believe.

Nothing great in life is easily achieved, and one must work hard to achieve greatness. There will be hard times, and there will be times when you are left alone, with nowhere to turn to for help. And one must remember that just like there are lows in life, there are also highs, and they come with time.

Quit wasting away and doing what everyone else is doing, if it’s bringing you down, this will only lead you to regret down the road. Take risk and believe in yourself. If you are unhappy, opt out of that which is making you perpetually unhappy. Are you surrounded by people that are toxic and only want bring you down? Leave those people behind, no matter who they are, you don’t need them to bring you down with them. It is better to be alone, isolated, than in bad company, and no one but yourself knows what you are capable of withstanding and achieving. The longer we postpone our big decision, the more we will be dragged down. You know what you have to do, you can feel it within. You just have to decide, and commit, through thick and thin, and it is better to decide sooner than later.

Small minded people are everywhere. They like to bring others down instead of esteeming them and offering a positive sentiment. They like to mock the dreams of others, and always have a way of turning something positive into something negative. There is a rule in mathematics: negative times a positive equals a negative. Positive minded individuals always come out shortchanged when interacting with negative minded individuals, so stay away, but do try to understand that the life they have lived has made them see the world the way that they do, and that you may have turned out like them if life had offered you the same circumstances. Wish them the best, and let them live their life how they see fit, just don’t let their points of view become yours–and also remember that we don’t have to associate with them if we don’t want to.

Hard times will befall you when you live by these rules, but all is temporary, all is fleeting in this life. Nothing last forever, not even suffering. You will succeed, follow your intuition, stay away from toxic company, try to surround yourself with the good, esteem yourself and others, focus on where you want to get, and work to get there. Always remember that it is better to be alone than in bad company, and if your are alone and in bad company, then serious changes from within need to be made. Work on getting to know yourself, believe in yourself, time is fleeting, take the leap, be patient, get rid of the toxic, and pursue knowledge; you will be good.


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