As the Clothes Wash #5

Be excited for the future, it has yet to occur, and appreciate the present, it is all you have.

Mamma said there would be times like these. What a life this has been; we still have many more years to go, if fortune allows, and I am looking ahead to the future, past these trying times.

At any given time, someone  is undergoing a deep struggle. It may be a worldly-struggle, meaning an objective struggle, the struggles people can point to with a finger, or it may be a Dasein-struggle, meaning a subjective struggle, one rooted in the psyche. Whatever type of struggle it may be, we all undergo struggles at some point in our lives: life is not struggle free, as we all learn at one time or another.

The struggles which I have undergone have led me to gain a deep appreciation for philosophy. Through philosophy I learned to see my life more clearly I believe, and I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for life–though I ultimately deem life, meaningless.

Something that I’ve realized is that many of us are sleepwalking through life, not truly knowing why we are here, or why we do what we do. Many of us don’t even attempt to find an answer to the deep question, “what is the purpose of being human?” Instead many of us settle for answers others have provided us, we fool ourselves, because we are afraid to go against dictates which have been prescribed for us. I think that many of us are too afraid to find out the truth because truth may be unpleasant–whatever that truth may be. I think that many of us are afraid to scrutinize our deepest held beliefs about life and our place in it, because we rather have comfort.

Why should I care about the many? and I ask in return, why shouldn’t I? We are all in this together. We all have an affect on each other. We are all connected, somehow.

Wake up.





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