The Laptop at 9%–Quick Thoughts

“We exist in a world where suffering is unending.”

Those are powerful words. What I am trying to say, if it wasn’t clear, is that we live in a pretty effed up world, and that suffering goes hand-in-hand with existing in this world–if that makes more sense.

So, I find myself once more, sitting in a Barnes & Noble, on my second cup of Joe, drinking water, and thinking about all that is happening at the moment. Well–not all that is happening–I am just forming thoughts based on the small amount of information which is floating around in my mind.

We just had a serious hurricane destroy some parts of Texas, and now another is wreaking havoc on Puerto Rico–on it’s way to Florida? (Mother Nature must be very pissed at the moment.)

Could this be a sign? Maybe, maybe.

President Trump, he has my admiration, but I don’t know if he has quite earned my respect.

He is full of it.

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