On a Sunday Morning He Sat Typing in a Starbucks.

It has been sometime since I last made a post. What can I say, I’ve been focused on what lies ahead. I’ve been working, and using my spare time to read, stay up-to-date on current happenings, meditate, and walks in nature. I have been doing well. I am where I am suppose to be at this moment.

I have not mentioned this, but I’ve left Las Vegas. I left over a month ago. I had been living there for about four months. (Let’s see, I left to Vegas on April 20, 2017, and then left Vegas on August 18, 2017). I had been staying with some relatives there–some good blogs came from that experience, I may add.

I have alluded to my job in Vegas in another post, but I never really said much about it.

I worked at a produce store. The pay was meager, and I remember asking myself, “how can anyone make a living off of a job like this?” Besides the crappy pay, my co-workers were, what seemed to me, to be negative people. (I will admit that I was not the happiest during this period of time, so that may have contributed a little to the negative sentiment). I tried to maintain a positive attitude at work despite my coworkers, but some days were tougher than others. Over time, this attitude did help make the job more tolerable, since I would always tell myself, when my co-workers seemed to be dwelling in negative sentiments, “why should I be of the same disposition as you? Just because you are unhappy, it does not mean that I should dwell in that sentiment with you. I empathize with you, but I won’t let it bring me down.”

I attempted to understand my co-workers, and I accepted them, but it always felt like they did not accept me. I often thought about why they were the way they were, and that I will never know, but I formed theories. Theories that helped me to understand them, theories that stemmed from their words, and actions. I would venture to theorize that the negativity in the work place may have been due to the affects of their environments: the alliances certain people form at work, the fact that the leader of the crew is not a very positive individual, the work place gossip, and the toll of the same work routines day after day, year after year. For being men, they gossiped quite a bit, and I made sure to not participate, I would just listen without judgement, and laugh with them.

One thing that is characteristic of me, is that if I have said something about a person, I let the person which I have said something about know what I have said if I think that the person might take it the wrong way if heard from the lips of another. I am an honest individual, that cannot be denied. So yes, that was that. That was a dead-end job, but in spite of that, I did learn from that experience.

There came the time when I could not tolerate living the way I was living much longer. I knew I deserved better, and that I had to make a change of plans because the current plan was not working out so well. I was unhappy. And after some deliberating with myself, I decided on what actions I would take next. So, I informed my relatives that I would leave on said Friday (August 18, 2017), called and quit the job (August 14, 2017), and prepared for the journey. I had a new design. I was confident that I would find a way…

Now, what was it that I was here to write about? When I opened up the web-browser I had an idea of what it was that I was going to write about, and now I’ve seemed to have gotten sidetracked on some remembrances…

I think I was going to write about how wonderful this morning feels. The morning is fresh, and there are no clouds in the sky–no clouds now, but there will be sure to be some as time passes. There is a coffee by my side–which is always a good sign. I have almost finished the cup of blonde roast coffee. There remains enough for a half-mouthful of cold coffee. I like to enjoy my coffee, and I sip it at a leisurely pace; sometimes it gets cold….

*gets up to go grab a refill.*

This place is empty right now. There is only another person here with me, and I like it. It is calm at the moment, but then again, even when Starbucks it packed, it is typically pretty chill. And there is one of the reason I enjoy coming to Starbucks–besides the coffee.

It sure does feel nice to type–I tell you that much.

*inhale, exhale*

The air enters my lungs. I feel its freshness within me. I feel the air enter my nose, and the coldness of it goes down the back of my throat. The scent of roasted coffee bean and brewed coffee mingle with it. I am awake. Ready to take on the day. I have become more accustomed to waking up early these past days, since my job requires me to.

Like I’ve mentioned at the beginning. I’ve been focusing on work. I’ve been working with the young minds that shall inherit the world after I’ve gone. I am working on leaving positive impacts on their minds that will steer them in the right direction–I hope. I am working with the youth and inculcating good values; working on making them better prepared for the hardships that life is sure to bequeath on them, if it has not yet. I see myself in those young minds, because I was once as they were, not knowing what I know now.

I’ve also been trying to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world, and there is just so much going on. Mother nature has been taking inventory, two madmen in power, Donald Trump, and Kim Jong-un, are bickering, DACA, the investigation on Trump, and the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar due to the inaction of the de facto leader, are only a few of the things that are happening during this time in history.

I’ve also been taking walks in nature. I like to walk uphills. The views from the top are spectacular. I like to be on top of hills. I like walking on trails and observing the vegetation that grows near.

Yesterday, while on a walk on one of my favorite trails, a trail that I have ran many times before, I noticed a distinguished looking plant near the side of the trail. There was something about that plant that arose within me a feeling of admiration. From a distance, the cluster which consisted of tiny, white flowers, and the same tiny, white flower, but dried, thus maroon colored, seemed like a clump of fluff. I bent close to the plant to observe it in more detail. There was something eccentric about that plant. It was beautiful, but a different kind of beautiful. It seemed like a plant that knew it was an outcast, a weed, yet through its dignity persisted in being as beautiful as it could be, given the means it had. I admired that plant.





2 thoughts on “On a Sunday Morning He Sat Typing in a Starbucks.

  1. Yes, you have to admire the strength and the resilience of growing up against the odds….no talk of suicide or the pressures of the world beating down….just a cool unadulterated acceptance of life and the majesty of the moment…a cool intertwining of who you are and what you must do. I like your style and enjoy reading your meandering observations.
    Here’s to a life and what we have in front of us…I say.


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