Monday, Columbus Day 2017

First off, this post really has nothing to do with Columbus Day…

I find myself within the confines of a new place. It is a spacious place, bright, surrounded by tall, clear glass windows, and very aromatic. I am not alone, there are others here, enjoying their beverage of choice.

If one lifts his head from anywhere in the room, and looks around, he/she would surely lay eyes on some beautiful person or another. People here seem driven, like they know where they are heading, and they know where they are going. The atmosphere is welcoming. I am at the recently opened Starbucks that opened near by. It is nice.

Today is a little windy–as is typically the case around the Fall time over here. I, for one, do not mind the wind so much. I kinda like it, especially when it is ferociously blowing. I remember how it used to get so windy when I attended school that the University campus had to shutdown and everyone would be sent away–this may be why I am so fond of windy days. I remember some days were so windy that the bodies of the traffic lights would bend, trees would topple over, and traffic signs would also succumb. It can get pretty gnarly over here.

Talking about gnarly, last night was a little gnarly. I was out and about in the city last night, the city of Redlands, California. I like Redlands, it is a very nice place and has many fun places to visit, and one such place is called “The Vault.”

Typically The Vault is pretty lively. That is, on any day beside Sunday, though it was not too bland of an environment last night. I went to The Vault because I wanted to be surrounded by other beings–and because the following day was Columbus Day, and I have no work. I wanted to enjoy myself.

All was nice. I ordered a Moscow Mule to begin, and it was okay. Nothing to rave about, besides, what do I know about a good Moscow Mule? I sipped, and just enjoyed being. I would look around from time to time–trying to find eye-candy, but no luck. All I found were people, alone, some with friends, out on a Sunday, trying to enjoy themselves as best as they could, while they could. I don’t know what made me stay, and to be honest, I should have just had that one Moscow Mule and left–I can’t even say that I stayed for the tunes. (The tunes were reminiscent of the indie rock music I listened to when I was in my early twenties. The bartender was the DJ).

I sat, ordered another drink–a Modelo.

It was by an unpleasant coincidence. I don’t know. I should have kept quiet, but I recognized his face, and besides, giving my salutations would do no harm–I thought. The individual sitting next to me, the one that had sat quietly beside me a moment before enjoying a tall glass of cold grapefruit juice, transformed before my eyes as he began to speak. Before my salutation, he had seemed more reserved, older, even cool, but then he spoke, and I was reminded of the individual I had encountered in the past, when we used to ride the bus together, where we first met, and it was he, yet older, his demeanor had not changed. He was very, how does one say, uninteresting, and plain. We spoke.

Then after some time of socializing, a thought flashed inside my head, “what if I was just like he and didn’t realize it?” I ordered one more beer–Pacifico–and continued conversing. One thing was for certain now, I would not be scoring with any girl tonight–not that I usually do, I mean, I could, you know?

This individual seemed happy though, sipping his grapefruit juice at the bar; he was enjoying himself–and it even appeared that he was enjoying himself a little too much at times. I was beginning to wonder what they were putting in that grapefruit juice. Pardon me, it was just a bit peculiar, you had to be there, even for me, though I like experiences that are out of the ordinary, they can be very comical sometimes.

We caught up a bit–as much catching up as can be done in such an environment. We joked around; we laughed. He was very gullible, and I had to explain to him I was joking more than once. He said that I had changed; I was not the same as before, and I agreed.

I ordered one more cold one–Coors Light. I sipped it. Finished it, and sneaked away, into the night.


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