Sunday Night and Cricket Lullabies

Alone with my thoughts I sit in this little blue car. Today has been very pleasant, yet not much rest was had last night. 

Last night was the conclusion to an epic week. A week full of many occurrences which have caused me to exercise great control–control over self, body and mind. This week has been full of excitement (I am being faintly sarcastic).

In spite of the uncontrolable events which took place, it was a good week–except what happened last night, Saturday, October 14th, at The Vault, some drinking venue I occasionally frequent. (Hey it’s my birthday month).

What happened there was very much within the limits of my control, and thinking back, I am still confounded by how things turned out. I was having a good time unwinding, drinking Jack & Cokes (it turns out being slightly intoxicated really damages credibility when speaking to the cops; especially, when the acusers are white, local, and assumed to be sober (bartender, two door keepers). Yeah, my side of the story did not stand a chance). 

It’s a fact that there is always a probability that misunderstanding between individuals will occur during social interaction. I am willing to admit I was slightly mischievous last night, but know that my intentions were noble, and I did not intend to cause harm; therefore, I don’t understand why the events which took place last night culminated with me getting tackled out of the venue, by some bearded door keeper, that I can already imagine will make a wonderful Santa down the line. No one expects to be tackled out the side entrance of any venue, yet a lone one which they enjoy visiting from time-to-time.

What a week.

Last Sunday was good, Monday was fine, but Tuesday was not so fine. Upon returning to the car from the gym on Tuesday morning–approximately 7:20 a.m., before work–as I approached the car, opened the rear left door, I noticed something peculiar. I noticed that my belongings in the back seat had been rummaged through, shattered glass lay all around. As I assessed the situation it became clear to me that I had been robbed: the rummaged belongings, shattered rear, right window, missing laptop bag (MacBook Air inside, books, and wallet too), and a missing Eddie Bauer jacket that I had recently purchased at a thrift store, which I admired and considered a steal (no pun intended). That jacket, along with my idea to put some money in one of its pockets for saving, went out the window–both literally and figuratively.

Oh well, I am just happy to have had another week alive.

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