Sitting With Glossy Eyes

I sit here, in one of my favorite places to be, Augie’s Coffee Shop in Redlands. This place is wonderful. I just finished my second cup of coffee, and it was great. I had pulled out this Chromebook to write a blog entry–usual weekend post which I am attempting to get in the habit of–but, I got sidetracked. I began to read the news, then deleted some emails, read a chess article, and thought about last night: I am exhausted, but it is exhaustion which I am glad to put up with, since last night was full of good times.

I sit here, and my eyes seem to feel glossy. I would like more than anything to have a nice nap right about now, but, there will be time for that later. I was thinking of leaving here and heading out to a park near by. I have a blanket in the car; all I need is a shady area. I could read and doze-off. A park near hear has a nice pond, and many ducks. It also has benches and many palm trees, which means a lot of shade.

There is a little flee market-thing going on right now, right outside. There was a book stand there. I stumbled across another of Nabokov’s literary works; I had to purchase it. It is titled “the real life of SEBASTIAN KNIGHT.” It seems like it is going to be a great book. I am in the process of reading his first published book, “The Defense.” It is a little drab, yet there is something about it which keeps me coming back for more. I like Nabokov’s writing style–and his three page paragraphs.

I am going to get back to enjoying today.

It is a good Sunday.

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