Easy Like A Sunday Morning at Augies

Good morning my fellow subscribers, I would like to let you all know that I appreciate your support–however small it may be. Thank you.

I awoke today, on this Sunday morning feeling rather awake. But, that may be because I am now typing after my first cup of coffee. The morning here, in my part of this globe, is brisk. It has been all we’ve been getting here in Southern California for the past several days, and I am not complaining. I absolutely love brisk mornings. I like my morning cold, fresh, but not so cold that it is tormenting. I like it to be a 56 degree Fahrenheit type of fresh–like it is now. I have come to appreciate enjoying a cup of coffee on brisk mornings even more now–and coffee in brisk evenings too.

It seems almost as if my life revolved around coffee–and come to think about it, it may be the case. I am becoming too dependent on this bitter brown elixir. I shouldn’t say dependent, but rather, I should be more justified in saying, reliant. Yes, I am becoming too reliant of this bitter brown elixir–which amounts to saying the same thing, I am becoming too dependent on this bitter brown elixir. I am just going in circles–having fun typing away. But really, I don’t rely on it, I just really enjoy it, and it is a simple joy which I am glad to hold on to as long as I can.

It is a good thing that I do not type so much during the week, it feels as if all this just pours out, and my fingers have seemed to have obtained a mind of their own–I wonder how fast I can type at the moment, like, how many words per minute can I type? Last time I checked I was at about 60 wpm, I think, which in my opinion is very slow. I think a good wpm count would have to be in the 90s or something.

Each time I take of sip of this coffee, my being quivers from satisfactions. Okay, maybe I am being a little to poetically liberal, but what I am saying is that this coffee is damn good. Each time I take a sip from the mug, I raise my eyes, away from the screen and glance around to see which other beings are in my presence, and I in theirs. The room is getting more populated. There are more than ten people in this tiny room, I would surmise. Okay, I was about to get all philosophical, and now I am thinking that it is not the time. This is an easy, enjoyable Sunday blog–early morning.

But yeah, we are all here in this tiny room, sharing a moment in time, completely unaware of the intricacies each of our lives is composed of, our existences intercept at this point, and where we go from here, no one really knows, but we sit here coexisting, respecting one another, society, and peacefully, this is great. The human raise has a lot of potential, as we all know. We just lack leadership, among many other things.

Well, this week has been another good week.

You know, I looked at the time, and the clock read, 8:30 a.m.

I was thinking of walking over to the church not too far from this coffee shop to attend the Sunday service–just, out of curiosity. What piqued my curiosity? And why should an Atheist want to do anything with the church? Well, yesterday, I was roaming the streets of Redlands, as I often do when I am feeling adventurous. I roamed my way to the front of a church, it was a protestant church, est. in 1880, or something like that. I think it was even called The First Protestant Church of Redlands, but I am not sure. I am typing all of this from memory, and I did not pay too much attention to the name of the church, but what I did pay attention to was a bulletin board on one of the walls of a church building, a building separate from the service building, another building on the premise. Anyways, on the bulletin board there were some eye-catching poster signs–very well animated. The signs caught my eye, after I had risen from laying on a small stone bench by a water fountain with soothing running water, which I used to rest on, since I was a little sore and needed some rest, because on Friday I had done some “strenuous” P.E. activities with some elementary school kids–not strenuous, “I am just getting old,” as the saying goes.

I walked over to the bulletin board and spent some time taking in the information on the posters. There were several posters, one with information, or what I presumed, was a summary of today’s sermon–the one I had contemplated attending today, the one that is taking place as I type–today’s sermon is on… come to think about it, I forgot, but I do remember feeling a little curious about attending the sermon, since the animations and summaries were so appealing, and attractive to a mind like mind. Oh, the sermon was going to be “songs” of hym? I don’t know. But, what was awesome, or at least, what I thought stood out from the poster signs was how simple they had made the story of Jesus, and his disciples seem, and sound. The way they presented it made it seem straightforward and simple; the events which unraveled, which the holy scripture depicts, were portrayed artistically, simplistically, nonchalantly, for you, newcomer, former, or current follower of Christ to accept, so as to reinforce your belief in the holy spirit, and the divine will of the lord and savior. I have to admit, I was feeling the holy spirit come at me from behind to give one of those type of embraces in which the person about to embrace the other sneaks up from behind and slides his arms underneath the others armpit, pulls him towards him, as he leans his head towards the unsuspected embracee, cheek resting on his back, snuggles him closer: a warm, unsuspecting, friendly embrace from behind.

But, I rather be here at Augies today, enjoying my morning, anticipating picking up Dostoyevsky as soon as I publish this blog. Attending a Sunday service someday soon is not out of the picture for me. I am an Atheist, but also open-minded. I am also very curious. I like to learn as much as I can of what I can.

It has been said that “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” and I think that religion is taken as an opiate when it is accepted willingly and unquestioningly to appease the inescapable sufferings of worldly existence, but to each their own. Their are genuine believers out there, that, I do not doubt, and I respect you. As humans we long for a sense of unity, unity of self, and unity with the universe, and moreover, their are those that long, further, for some form of salvation from worldly existence, which I frankly believe is unattainable.

It is a good Sunday.


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