Short Post: Thanksgiving Week Thoughts 

The night is still young, but I would like to get back on my original sleeping schedule. I realized earlier I had not written my weekly blog, I told myself that I would write one–once I finished binge listening to some newly discovered music. Today I discovered a new music group: “Earthgang.” And I am fascinated by their music style. The sounds they produce and their message is truly unique; yet, their style and message resonated with me. I liked them. But yes, I’ve finish listening–well, more like took a break, because I would like to be lulled to sleep by some good tunes.

This week has been great. A close friend of mine came down to visit for Thanksgiving break. He came to visit family in town and invited me to have the pleasure of spending time with him, his family and friends. I wont discuss in detail all we did, because it would take too long and the phone from which I write this post will soon run out of battery, but I shall write about what the past week’s experiences contributed to my understanding of life.

I learned that in life there are truly great people, not all people are awful, and that we should attempt to not judge what we don’t understand. Well, better said, “we should take it upon ourselves to recognize good in others and learn to acknowlege it instead of being negative and attributing our negativity to others.” There are people that genuinely care for us and want to help us succeed. (A cat just randomly appeared and it is staring at me, he is curious and seems to want to approach–random). But anyways, as I was saying, there are wonderful, kind hearted people in this world, apart from all the crap. That’s why it’s good to be thankful for the people that take care of you in life. Take care of them and be grateful because they are priceless.
Good night, good week, now back to music.

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