Short Post: Sunday Thoughts, and Life is Tough.

Here we are, once again, stranger, reader, fellow human. We have made it another week, so let us reflect, for a moment, on all that another week of life entails: in a week, many states of mind are experienced, many situations are encountered, many new ideas have come into fruition. I tell you, these days have been tough, but I am not complaining–I’ve ceased to feel defeat–since I firmly believe that we may overcome almost all harships in life, as long as we have health and resolve to do so, and also, help along the way, since it’s doubly hard to go at it alone. 

This week, for me, has gone well. I always say, “as long as I am alive, I am thankful.” Though, it hasn’t been all sunshines and rainbows of course. 

Another theft has been delivered me, and this one in particular hurt. There are many thieves in my vicinity, that’s something I’ve unfortunately had to become aware of through personal experience. It seems like each month since October has been marked with some tragic event. In October–car window broken, belongings stolen, fraud. November–car wreck. December–stolen bike. It’s fierce out here in San Bernardino, but I love this city. 

All these happenings would tend to dampen the spirits of any sensible human being, and I am sensible. I am also a practicing Stoic, in a sense. We must, through it all, attempt to persevere in maintaining our positive outlooks. 

There are always better things that lie ahead. One of the lessons this life of mine has taught me is that acquaintances matter more than we are aware of. Think about it this way: each individual we come in contact with is also, in their own way, working towards making their notions of reality manifest through their interaction with elements–so to say–of the set called, Life. We are all elements of Life, and we each operate differently with different elements–I am getting too mathematical, can’t help it sometimes. Anyways, to put it simply, it’s imperative to be aware of the kind of people we are acquainted with, learn to accept them, or distance yourself, because they have the capacity to drag one down with them, not out of malice, but mainly from the lack of understanding what is good in the world. And what is good? Knowledge is good, seek it and see. 

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